1.1 Plants and flowers may be delivered in bud to ensure longer life of the product.

1.2 All flowers are subject to availability. We reserve the right to substitute any flowers of at least their minimum quantity and value without due or written notice.

1.3 Some products may be poisonous, harmful or cause a reaction if touched ,smelt or treated or if treated by third party chemicals or feeds. Care must be taken by all parties in handling the products, especially if you suffer from any known or unknown allergies or reactions.

1.4 All products are dictated by our suppliers and market forces, including weather conditions. Prices may be subject to immediate change, without notice. Periods of high or maximum demand such as Mothering Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day may result in considerable price increases on or before these peak periods.

1.5 We guarantee the freshness of our flowers for 7 days from the date of delivery, except certain spring flowers that have a shorter flowering period and these are guaranteed for only 5 days from the delivery date requested.

1.6 If we are able to deliver part or all of the order we shall notify you and reimburse the payment in full for the undelivered goods, no later than 30 days from the preferred date of delivery.


2.1 All products are to be delivered the next working day or later date as agreed. This excludes Sundays, Bank Holidays, Christmas and Boxing Days, 2nd January. The delivery times will be between 10am and 8pm Monday –Saturday.

2.2 Any preferred delivery times indicated by the purchaser can be subject to change by us, without notice, and any preferred times are not guaranteed.

2.3 Purchasers must ensure that access to the delivery premises is available to us at all reasonable times. Certain establishments such as prisons, military property, security centres, police premises will not accept any deliveries and the purchaser will not be refunded any monies in these instances.

2.4 Some hospitals, hospital wards will not accept / allow deliveries of floral products. Purchasers must satisfy themselves before placing any order that they will accept any floral products. In this instance if we are unable to deliver the order, only non floral items will be given a refund. In addition to the delivery charge a service charge of £15 will be deducted from the refund.

2.5 Deliveries will only be carried out in the designated areas as specified on the web site.

2.6 There will be a delivery charge of £4.99p for each attempted delivery by us, where we are unable to deliver the goods due being unable to gain access to the property.

2.7 Delivery will be made to the dedicated address where possible. If no one is available to accept the goods,the goods may be:

i) Left at the exterior of the building

ii) Left with a consenting neighbour

iii) Left at the reception of the business or hospital premises.

iv) A message will be left at the premises to contact us to try and agree a mutually convenient time within 24 hours of the preferred delivery time. Each attempt to deliver the goods by use may be subject to a further standard delivery charge of £4.99p.

2.8 If we are unable to deliver the goods within 24 hours of the preferred delivery time due to lack of access to the premises, there will be no refund of the order.

2.9 Inaccurate or incorrect delivery details maybe subject to a standard delivery charge of £4.99p if we are unable to deliver the goods within 24 hours of the preferred delivery time.

Cancellation Policy
Perishable Goods

3.1 The purchaser may cancel or amend the order, without charge, if we receive an email before 8pm prior to the delivery date.

Non Perishable Goods

4.1 Cancellation rights can only be claimed by the purchaser.

4.2 Cancellation rights are only available for goods returned to us, at your own expense, if the goods are returned to us in the same condition they arrived at the designated premises on the order documentation ,as per the Distance Selling Regulations.

4.3 As per the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) 2000, any order for non perishable goods can be cancelled within 8 working days of you receiving the goods.

4.4 The purchaser must pay the cost of returning the goods. The refund will be paid within 30 days of the goods being returned, subject to any costs we may incur in collecting the goods, where they have not been returned by the customer.

4.5 Refunds and returns relate to the entire order and are available only for the entire order. Non perishable goods such as bags, vases or any containers cannot returned separately from any floral perishable products.


5.1 If applicable, prices shown on the web site include V.A.T. at the statutory rate.

5.2 The delivery charge is for delivery within the designated delivery area as per the web site details.


6.1 We aim to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction.

6.2 If the purchaser is dissatisfied with our products or service , please send us your details and the nature of your complaint in writing to our email address, as shown, and we will contact you within 2 working days. We endeavour to resolve any problems within 3 working days of receiving your complaint to your satisfaction.

Free Video/Picture of Recipient of your gift

7.1 This is a free service and no fee is charged.

7.2 The purchaser may request the provision of a picture or audio video to be sent to them. If they are at the premises and available for us to speak to them we will advise the recipient of the request. We will only take a picture or video message if they agree to such a request. In doing so they also agree to it being used on our web site at our discretion for promotional purposes. It can be removed immediately at any time if they request it to be removed from our web site.


8.1 Non of the customers information is passed onto a third party.

8.2 Any information collected is to enable us to fulfil your order. We may contact you at a later date to advise you of any offers. If you wish your details to be removed from our mailing list, please advise us in writing and it will be removed within two working days.


9.1 Any compliments we receive we will have the option to place them on out web site for promotional purposes. If at any time a customer or recipient wishes them to be removed from our web site, we will do so within two working days, or receiving your written request.

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